Headrest People

Gma (aka neighborhood watch) sees a vehicle parked on the side of the street, while I am in another room. Gma: There are people in a vehicle across the street. Me: Yep, I saw him get out. He’s visiting neighbors. Gma: (no response) Hours later, we are in the same room Gma: The people are…

In Your Way

An old smoke stack is about to be demolished today as we wait on our deck, an hour after sunrise, for it to timber into the prepared wet soil beneath it. All 4’10” Gma is standing tall at the rail a few feet from me (6’4″) while we wait with anticipation for the entertainment. Gma:…


With the phone, on its fifth or sixth ring, I begin to wonder if she’s even awake to answer the call from her brother. So she won’t miss it, I rise and head inside: Gma: Hello? (tv remote control raised to her ear) Me: That’s the remote. (I reach for the phone and answer) Gma:…

Hand Lotion

Gma walks out on the deck with something in her hand Me: Putting on your deodorant? Gma: What? Me: That’s deodorant. Gma: Oh shoot! I thought it was hand lotion.

Big Birds

Gma: Get out here! Me: What? (hurrying to her side) Gma: Eagles, two of them. Do you see them? Me: (rushing to the door) Those are seagulls. Gma: Seagulls? Those are big for seagulls. Me: I know, they are a pretty big bird.