Fit of Giggles

We just sat down at our makeshift table, where we sit most nights to eat dinner and watch the evening news. Gma turns on the television with the remote, not paying attention to how long she held down the number five. As we start to eat, the scene on the screen turns disturbing.

Serious questions immersed as we both are trying to figure out the scene.
Gma: Why are they running?
Me: I don’t know.
Me: That’s a big alligator!
Gma: Why are they wearing bathing suits?
Me: Maybe they were swimming.

Giggles start when gma reaches for the remote and we can’t get off the channel quick enough, while the alligator is attacking people.
Gma: Oh my! (reaches for remote)
Gma: I can’t get the remote to work.
Me: Hit the down button, just to get off this channel.
Gma: I’m trying.
Me: Here, give me the remote.

Gma: That wasn’t channel 5; I pressed 5.
Me: Nope.


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