Is that Pee?

After a couple hour visit to the eye doctor for eye shots, which makes her pee highlighter yellow, several rooms and people to see, my grandmother came home for care. Here are the first few minutes.

Gma: (while eating lunch, feels the urge to wipe her eyes, puts down the sandwich and pulls out a used tissue)
Dad: (standing over her) Don’t wipe your eye. You can dab, but not wipe.
Gma: (wipes one eye and starts wiping the next)
Dad: Don’t wipe. Dab if you need to. (notices fluorescent color on tissue) Is that pee?
Gma: Yeah, but its dry. (continues to use tissue)
Me: Ewe! No. (I pry the tissue from her grasp and replace it with a new one)
Gma: (laughs)


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