Big Birds

Gma: Get out here! Me: What? (hurrying to her side) Gma: Eagles, two of them. Do you see them? Me: (rushing to the door) Those are seagulls. Gma: Seagulls? Those are big for seagulls. Me: I know, they are a pretty big bird. Advertisements


Gma: What’s this? Me: Tortellini. It’s pasta on the outside and cheese on the inside. I’ll top it with fettuccine alfredo sauce and blanched spinach. Gma: What’s this? Me: It’s tortellini, a pasta noodle with cheese on the inside. Gma: Oh. I don’t think I’ve ever had that before.  

Who’s That?

Setting – Looking out at the lake down from our home, named after our city housing over 38,000 people. Gma: Now, who’s boats that? Me: I don’t know. Do you know them? Gma: No. Me: Neither do I.

The Cutest Little Squirrel

Me: Whatcha doin’? Gma: Feeding the animals. There was the cutest little squirrel. Me: So you are luring him back with my bread. Gma: It’s good bread, look at all the seeds in it. Me: Yeah, that’s why I like it too. Gma: I thought maybe if I get food out, it would come back….

Donut vs Fritter

My uncle bought apple fritters for my grandmothers birthday this month. Here’s a portion of the conversation I had with her regarding her gift. Gma: I got apple fritters. Me: Donuts. Gma: No, apple fritters. Me: It’s still a donut. Gma: It is not; it doesn’t have a hole in the middle. Me: So, if…