Who’s That?

Setting – Looking out at the lake down from our home, named after our city housing over 38,000 people. Gma: Now, who’s boats that? Me: I don’t know. Do you know them? Gma: No. Me: Neither do I.

The Cutest Little Squirrel

Me: Whatcha doin’? Gma: Feeding the animals. There was the cutest little squirrel. Me: So you are luring him back with my bread. Gma: It’s good bread, look at all the seeds in it. Me: Yeah, that’s why I like it too. Gma: I thought maybe if I get food out, it would come back….

Donut vs Fritter

My uncle bought apple fritters for my grandmothers birthday this month. Here’s a portion of the conversation I had with her regarding her gift. Gma: I got apple fritters. Me: Donuts. Gma: No, apple fritters. Me: It’s still a donut. Gma: It is not; it doesn’t have a hole in the middle. Me: So, if…

Oh That’s Right

Gma: Did you all ride together? Me: I live here with you. Gma: (shaking her head) Oh that’s right. I meant, did they ride together?

Is that Pee?

After a couple hour visit to the eye doctor for eye shots, which makes her pee highlighter yellow, several rooms and people to see, my grandmother came home for care. Here are the first few minutes. Gma: (while eating lunch, feels the urge to wipe her eyes, puts down the sandwich and pulls out a…